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Can dry eye cause dizziness?

And in recent days, my eyes often feel dry. And now, I also feel dizziness. Why? Can dry eyes cause dizziness?
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  • Fari Tackaberry


    Yes, dry eyes may cause dizziness. The dry eyes will cause the redness of the eyes which will not make you feel comfortable. The eyes may easily cause the head problems because the nerves in the eyes and brain are interlinked. You could use the warm compress therapy or the eyes drops to release the symptom of dry eyes.
  • Kimberly quick


    Dry eyes can be caused by many things such as post-symptom of surgery, tired eyes or eye diseases etc. You can take a complete eye exam first to determine what causes it. Usually, artificial tear or eye drops can help people with dry eyes. And so far, i didn't find any proves that dry eyes can cause dizziness. And i read online that people with high blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis, or multiple sclerosis may suffer dizziness. For the sake of your health. You'd better consult an eye doctor.
  • Andrea


    Dizziness often caused by blood and oxygen inadequate in brain. Sometimes cold, fever and animea may also contribute to dizziness. Dry eye is impossible to lead to dizziness except something under lying eye problems. Dry eye is described as lack of tears, which can moist the surface of eyes and keep comfortable in eyes.