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What are infrared light effects on eyes?

Is infrared light bad for eyes? What are side effects that infrared light work on eyes?
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  • Ariana oliver


    Yes, the infrared light will be bad for the eyes. There are many side effects of the infrared light on eyes. The protein in the human eye lens can absorb infrared light. If it is in large number, it will cause the sediments on the protein which will cause the damage of the vision. Infrared light gets into the eye through the human eye after refractive medium. If it is in long time, it will cause the accumulation in the retina, leading to retinal photoreceptor cells. The layer temperature has been at a higher temperature. Of course, we will feel uncomfortable when you close look into infrared. The longer the irradiation time is, the more damage it will give to the eyes. Infrared is characteristic at wavelength at 760 nm - 400000 nm. It is mainly is the sun light. The infrared light is invisible. It has hot feeling. The human eye is in strong infrared radiation which will be affected by thermal burns. The long time of infrared light will cause cataracts and retinopathy. You should protect your eyes from this bad light.
  • clive


    Yes, it is bad for eyes. It is invisible for human eyes, but it can cause damages to eye just like UV radiations do. The wave length of infrared light is longer than the visible light spectrum and shorter than the microwave radiation. Although it has very few damages, it is good to get aware of it. The infrared light is what we receive as heat. So we also get it from the surroundings. Long term exposure to the infrared light, the longer wavelengths could cause damages to eyes gradually. For example, welders are more likely to develop the cataracts. The infrared light might cause opacity of the lens if long time exposure with no protection. And too much heat might burn the surface of eyes just like skin sun burns. But don't be freaked out, there are far more benefits of infrared light than harms. It gives you the warmth when it is chilly and it can promote the amount of white blood cells in human body, which is helpful for healing and strengthening our immunity system.