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Is being blind in one eye considered a disability?

I am always so self- abased in having one eye blind. People say that it means I have a disability. Is that true?
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  • Gail


    It depends. Before you fix your glasses, you shall check which part of your eyeglasses need be fixed. If they just lose their screws. Just tighten them with screwdriver. Or if the titanium glasses frames are badly hurt, do not try to solder or weld a titanium frame because it is really dangerous. You'd better buy a new pair. In fact, it is really difficult for layman to fix a damages eyeglasses frame. Or you can ask an optician to fix the eyeglasses frame for you.
  • Brooke peters


    Please even don' t think like that. Who tell you that being one eye blind is disability. You really don' t need to consider too much! I know that you can' t have normal vision as others do, but I assure you that you can still be fine and everything will be better and better. By the way, have you ever tried some cures? i have a friend who had the similar experience as you have now, but after he tried a lot of ways, he finally made it.