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Jordan owen


Why do my eyes hurt when I read? But I can see the words just fine.

Can you tell me what's wrong with my eyes? They hurt when I read. I wear glasses for many years. I can see fine with my glasses but when I read book or computer screen, it bothers me. My eyes burn so I find it hard to concentrate on my reading. How to relieve it? Any suggestions? Besides, my jaw also aches. What's wrong? Help!!!
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    I suffered from the same situation as you do last month. I want to finish a book. I loved it so much. So I turned on the light to read it in the night. But the light was too bright. I found my eyes burnt and I couldn't concentrate my mind for a long time. Later I knew that too bright and too dark might cause eye strain. Or maybe I was just too tired in the late evening. So I suggest you to moderate the light. And don't read for a long time. You can take a break. Hope this helped!
  • chrisss_129


    I think you may need to buy a pair of computer glasses. computer glasses can block computer reflections and glare. This will reduce eye strain. Maybe your burn eyes are caused by reading for a long time or stronger degrees in the lenses. Are they a pair of new prescription glasses? I suggest you to consult your eye doctor first. And I suggest you to take an eye exam in the morning than that in the afternoon because the result will be more accurate. If it was caused by long time of reading, you can have a rest and apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes. This will make you feel better. Hope this helped!

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