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Is it normal for babies to squint their eyes occasionally?

My baby is 1.5 months old and she squint her eyes occasionally...Is it normal for babies?
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  • Joshua?arnold


    I met the same situation. They told me that the oculovisual system is undergoing active development as the focussing system matures and control is gained over the muscles that coordinate eye movements. I don't know much about this. But they said it was a kind of abnormality. So I suggest you to visit your doctor with your baby as soon as possible.
  • Ariana


    Maybe it is a starting sign of some kind of eye disease. There are some health conditions such as tumors, cataracts and retinal disorders that can affect the eye health of even very young children and interfere with the normal development of their eyes. I also suggest you to see an eye doctor with your little one immediately. Hope she will be fine soon!
  • Gabriel


    It might be the abnormality during the development of babies' eyes. I urge you to visit your doctor of optometry with your baby girl ASAP. The doctor will have her eyes examined and tell you what causes this. Nowadays, optometrists are trained to use special techniques to assess babies for such abnormalities, so don't worry about this. She will be OK very soon. Good luck!
  • Miranda


    Don't worry. You can take your little one to see an eye doctor immediately. Doctors can figure out what's wrong with her eyes. When I hug my nephew in my arms, he often stares at the window even thoght we are not rightly in front of the window. So he squint his eyes. He also cocks his head and looks toward the window. Later I know that he likes the colorful pictures that hang on the window. There is nothing wrong with his eyes.