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Richard M Fawcett


Why do I feel my eyes are tired and crossed after finishing my work in the late evening?

I don't know why but lately my eyes feel really tired and like they're crossed. But they are not really crossed. I can't focus on anything. And my vision gets kind of blurry. What's wrong with my eyes?
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  • emkat_rodd


    Maybe you are just too tired. You need to go to sleep right now. How much work do you have to finish? Do you often work in late evening? Dude, it is bad for your health. You may ruin your eyes and health in this way if you don't form a healthy sleeping habit. I think there is nothing wrong with your eyes. They are just too tired to persist on working. They may need some rest.
  • ellochkablecy


    Your eyes need some rest urgently. If you are a computer worker or a writer, you may need to fix your attention on a fixed distance. This means your eye muscles are strained after doing this for a long time. You need to look at other places for a few minutes from time to time. Besides, we may suffer from eye fatigue if we work in a dark environment or in a too bright environment. So the light in the room is also important when we working in the night.