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norman goodwin


Lens grinding

I have a new pair of glasses that literally have a rainbow effect around the edges. It is hard to decsribe, but along the ground edge of the lense you can see colors ( like a rainbow) that shift and move as you move your head or light changes. BAd enough that they are not wearable. The exprts there say nothing is wrong with the glasses. The ground edge is fairly clear while my existing glasses are more not. Can the prism effect ( for lack of a better term) be caused by this smooth finish? Is it correctable by dulling the edge of the lens?

Leigh Goodwin
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  • walking_poeticx


    Are they rimless glasses? How thick are the lenses? If they are a pair of thick rimless glasses, you may see rainbow effect around the edges. I am wearing a pair of rimless glasses. I just have mild myopia. So the lenses are not very thick, but I can still see a little rainbow around the edges. But I think they don't affect my vision. If you have high myopia, I think rimless glasses are not suitable for you. Besides, my glasses are a pair of computer glasses, the reflection of the lamp is green. Maybe this is the color that you saw. If I take off your glasses and hold them in my hand, colors (green reflection) will shift and move as I move my head or light changes. Hope this helped!