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What is the eye condition called Asteroid Hyalosis?

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  • DEREK Garrana


    I have never met this kind of eye disease. But I have heard about that. It is said that Asteroid Hyalosis is a degenerative condition of the vitreous, or gel, which fills the cavity of the eye. If you want to know what exactly Asteroid hyolusious looks like, you can search it online, you may get many images.
  • charmed83


    Do you know hyaluronic acid? It is a kind of protein in our vitreous. Our vitreous is composed of a small amount of hyaluronic acid and a large amount of water. The "asteroids" are tiny refractile deposits of calcium soaps. They are suspended from these protein strands within our eyes. They appear to be bright yellowish white opacities within our eyes. If they are very dense, eye doctors will document them for reference in further eye examinations.
  • Cathy


    It is a degenerative condition of our eyes. Maybe it is not a kind of eye disease because they will not interfere with your vision unless asteroid bodies are very dense. Doctors will figure out whether your are suffering from Asteroid Hyalosis or not. When they look into your eyes, they can check the "asteroids". That's why we need to have a throrugh eye exam every year.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    It is a kind of eye condition which is totally different from normal eye conditions. We all know that our eyes will degenerate as we age. Some people will suffer from vision problems such as presbyopia, macular degeneration or cataracts. But there are other possible eye problems such as asteroid hyalosis which my happen among minority of us. The patients may have opacities within their eyes. These opacities are quite refractile. They give the appearance of stars or asteroids shining in the night sky. I suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately. Good luck!
  • Joseph campbell


    Your eyes look like a star-filled night sky. It is the only degenerative eye condition. But you can't see it in the mirror. And you also won't aware of this condition. But your eye doctor can diagnose this.
  • Jacqueline warren


    If the substance that looks like clear jelly-like fluid, which can be called vitreous humor too in our eyes thicken and clump together as we age. This can lead to strands or floaters. When small calcium deposits develop and adhere to the vitreous gel, usually deposits will increase as we age, we get asteroid hyalosis. It looks like galaxy when the yellow or yellow-white particles become suspended in the virteous. But only the doctor can diagnose this. So an annual eye exam is especially important in preventing some eye problems or eye disease from happening.
  • Sue Livingston


    It is a degenerative condition of our eyes. It often happens when we get older. Usually it will happen to people who are over 60. And men are at higher risk than women in developing this kind of eye problem. And it usually affects only one eye instead of both. if you have diabetes atherosclerotic vascular disease or systemic hypertension, you are at a higher risk to get this problem too. But it will not affect visual acuity unless it is a severe case. Usually a routine eye exam can diagnose the increase of these floaters. So if you are a senior citizen, I suggest you to schedule an eye exam in every year.
  • Rebecca


    Asteroid hyalosis is a degenerative condition of the eye involving small white opacities in the vitreous humor. It is known to occur in humans, dogs, cats and chinchillas.
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