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Does lasik eye surgery help night vision?

My night vision is always that bad and I really don' t know what I should to get rid of this. I am wondering if lasik eye surgery can help with this.
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    No, lasik eye surgery can't help treat or reduce nigh vision. People with night vision problem usually feel difficult to see in dim light. And there are many factors that can cause night blindness such as untreated myopia, vitamin A or zinc deficiency, or even chronic diseases etc. Also, complications of LASIK surgery can also cause night vision problems. And the treatment for night vision problems varies from their causes. For example, if you are vitamin A or zinc deficiency, you can correct your night vision by take some supplements contain vitamin A or zinc. But if it is caused by cataracts, you can treat your eyes with surgery. Therefore, consult your doctor if you want to treat your eyes.