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Thomas keith


How to protect your eyes when i use a computer?

Long time working in front computer is harmful to eyes. So, is there anyway to protect eyes when i use a computer?
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  • Samuel rodney


    As we know, there are the radiations from the computers which may be harmful for our eye vision. You'd better wear the eye goggles with no prescription. But the lenses have the function of protecting your eyes from the radiation. In addition, you could drink the tea which will help your eyes get moisture in front of the computers.
  • Mariah shelley


    There are many different ways to protect your eyes when using a computer. five-minute breaks every hour, lyou had better to look off into the distance and look away from the computer. blinking about five times less than normal when you are working at a computer. Relaxing your eyes and nervous system with palming to keep eye health Ensuring Proper lighting by adjusting the Contrast.
  • Elvis Presley


    Well, generally speaking, it is harmful to watch computer in a long time. As we know that when we watch computer screen, our eyes have to focus on one point for a long time, at that moment, it will make your eyes feel stressed. And then have painful feeling. Also, that can also cause pink eyes, or dry eyes. So anyway, you are not supposed to be long time. To protect your eyes, you should also pay attention to the position. It can play an important role in the eyesight. Also, just have right lighting is also essential. Besides, you should probably make your eyes have enough time to rest. Taking some eye exercises can be effective on the tiredness.

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