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Adam tuener


How to make paper glasses for my kid?

I want to make a pair of paper glasses for my kids for fun. Can you teach me how to make it? Thanks a lot.
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  • Nicholas


    If you want to make the pair of paper glasses for the kids, you could read from the online instruction procedure which will teach you how to do the paper glasses. Basing on the glasses basic structure, you could use the paper and make the paper eyeglasses for your kids. It is so easy and you just prepare the things you need.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    Well, it is very funny to have paper glasses; especially some kids will like them. And there are also many types of paper glasses. To make it, there are many things you should prepare for, such as 100 or higher cardstock paper that is at least 13 inches wide, color transparencies or clear plastic, tape, scissors, glue and markers or paint. And then you can just follow me step by step. First, Measure your kid’s face. Remember that you should measure temple to temple and also from temple to ear. Also, you should use measurements as guide when sketching eyeglass design on cardstock paper. Second, you should Cut out and fold at corner temples. Finally, you can just decorate with paint, sequins, and also tape color transparencies for the shades/glass. Anyway, you should be careful when you do this job. Just have a try.