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Who makes maui jim sunglasses?

I am searching sunglasses online. And it seems maui jim sunglasses are good. Who makes the maui jim sunglasses? Are they good?
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  • epyon_rebirth


    Aloha, who was born on the sunny beaches of Hawaii in the early 1980s, Maui Jim Sunglasses were producted out of need. it has great optics ,you must feel fairly comfortable. it offers superior optics, scratch resistance and impact resistance in a lightweight, high-index. Overall, it's a great pair of sunglasses with great protection in strong sunlight.
  • Brittany green


    Well, yes, you should know that Maui Jim sunglasses are made by Maui Jim, who is the inventor of the company. and you can buy them in the real stores and online sotres. Also, Maui Jim sunglasses are very popular with many people, and they are also worth the money. So you should know what Maui Jim sunglasses are and what special functions they have. As we know that Maui Jim is a recognized leader in sun protection technology. Their Polarized Plus and Polarized plus 2 lenses block 100 percent of UV rays, and they "manage" blue light without interfering with color balance and perception. And also, they are designed to compensate for all three types of glare: reflected, direct, and bounce-back. The Maui Jim polarized filters absorb 99.9 percent of reflected glare. So they are effective to protecting you from the light. The anti-reflective coating absorbs bounce-back glare, which is reflected from behind or to the sides. anyway, you can have a try.
  • Cassidy bell


    Actually ferrari sunglasses, versace sunglasses, fossil sunglasses are all good brands. Of course, maui jim sunglasses are good. Many online shops offer a wide selection of lightweight fasion and performance styles.,the offical website, which offers abundant styles and high frames maui jim sunglasses. Blue water, Nine Palms, Seawall are porpular with women, while Atoll, Akoni are fit for men. On this site you can get the unique one that belongs to you.