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Who makes foster grant sunglasses?

I like foster grant sunglasses. Can you tell me who makes that sunglasses?
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  • emale2222


    As the original sunglasses manufacturer, Foster Grant has a long, storied history that can date back to 1919. Every pair of sunglasses is made from lightweight, durable materials, product for quality and value. if you wanna know more about it, you can just click into its website.
  • Ariana kirk


    Well, you should know that, in 1919, Sam Foster and Bill Grant found the company to make hair accessories, and then this company become Sunglasses Company. So the two people made this kind of sunglasses. Foster grant sunglasses are a famous brand which is founded by Sam foster in 1919. And headquarter is in Smithfield, USA. So you should know that they are made in USA. Foster Grant Sunglasses are extremely affordable, starting as low as $5 on sale. You don not need worry about the price problems and also because of their beautiful design and good quality, it has be used by many people. Maybe you can have a try.
  • Caitlin lee


    Sam Foster founded Foster Grant, a brand of eyewear in 1919. Foster Grant's original production line was ladies' hair accessories; over the company's lifetime they also produced other plastic materials including heart-lung pumps. All foster grant sunglasses are made of lightweight, durable materials that provide quality and value. Ava readers,Max-block are hot now., the offical website, which can help you get cheap and great styles foster grant sun glasses.

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