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Can disposable contact lenses be reused?

I have a pair of disposable contact lenses. Is it OK if i reuse it?
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  • evelyn


    No, it is not ok to reuse the disposable contact lenses which will make your eyes get infection. As we know, different kind of contact lenses has its own expired time. You should not use it over the expired time. Or else, your eyes will get the inflammation which will make your eyes feel dry.
  • Brooke


    No, you should not reusable it. Disposable contact lenses are also called daily wear contact lenses. That is to say, you should use and remove them without cleaning everyday. It is very convenient for those people who do not have time to clean and maintain daily. Although them can be extended wear on overnight, yet they need to be cleaned and disinfected as a preventive measure against problems of the eyes, such as blurred vision, eye infection. Due to it is easy to make your eyes redness and irritation or other general discomfort if you reuse them without any cleaning.
  • Cary Green


    Well, in my opinion, you’d better not reuse disposable contact lenses, or it can lead eye infections, especially the pink eyes. As we know that some one-day contacts are hydrophilic contacts and are not intended on being used for more than 8 hours of continuous wearing time. So if you reuse them, they can be harm to your eyes, for they are not designed to hold up to multiple wears, repel particles. And what is more, they are not stored in the solution, so they can be invaded by the bacteria. And when you reuse them and have no cleaning, it can make your eyes be infected. In some serious cases, it can lead to pink eyes, bloodshot eyes. Anyway, you should not reuse them.