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How long can i wear my monthly contact lenses?

Guys, how long should I wear my monthly contacts? I don' t know. But I wish to do the right thing, thx.
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  • Michelle percy


    As the name imply, monthly contact lenses are made for using in one month. That is to say, the maximum time you can wear the contact is a month since from you open the contact lenses. Besides, to keep health eyes, you need clean your contact lenses everyday with contact lenses solution. Even if you don't wear the contact lenses everyday, you still need to clean the contact lenses at most 3 days a time in order to avoid eye infection. Hope this can help you.
  • Sherri H


    Monthly contacts, just as its name implies, can only be used for one month. And when the limitation of one month arrives, you should throw away the monthly contacts no matter you wear them every day or just for several times. If you still wear them, it will do great harm to your eyes, such as causing corneal infection, conjunctivitis, and so on, because there are plenty of bacteria on the overdue eye contacts.
  • Mark Burns


    Monthly contact lenses mean that you must throw them away after a month of use. You should wear them for only one month, namely the prescript time. If you wear your monthly contact lenses longer than the prescript time, the edges of the contact lenses may be torn. This will lead to eye infection or other problems. So it is better for you to comply with the prescript time and the advices of your doctor. On everyday basis, you should not wear your monthly contact lenses more than 12 hours. If you wear them more than 12 hours, you may suffer from oxygen deficiency in eyes, which will give you uncomfortable feeling and affect the normal function of your eyes. However, the exact time depends on different individuals. You should consult your doctors about it. After everyday use, you must soak them in solution for the use of following days.
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