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Are people with myopia smarter?

I remember there is such a saying, people with myopia can be smarter, really? Why?
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  • Michael?


    It is really absurd that people with myopia are smarter. This is not the rule today. In the past years, Usually, people get myopia from reading too much books. So, common people think they are more knowledge and smart. However, today, there are many factors cause myopia. Among them, the most common reason is watching too much TV and playing too much Video games. And this is a type of vision problem. So, we can't not say that people with myopia is smarter. Of course, we also can not say that people with myopia are less smart. It is different things.
  • chriso1984


    No, it is wrong to say the people are smarter if they are myopia. The intelligence of human beings can be influenced by at least two aspects, one is the inborn dispositions, and the other is the acquired knowledge. Myopia is only a kind of physiological phenomenon caused by inheritance or unhealthy use of eyes or some other eye diseases. In some cases, people are really indeed much smart and at the same time they happen to have myopia. But this is because they possibly read to much and the eyes thus get myopia. Also, in some cases, people get myopia but they can not even graduated from school. Therefore, myopia has little thing to do with whether the people are smarter than others or not.