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What is good for eye stye?

My dad seems to get eye stye these days. What can I do to relieve his situation? Do I need to take him to the hospital right now? Or are there some home remedies to this?
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  • enycelilmamii


    For the sake of safety, you had better take your dad to the hospital to ask the doctor to prescribe some medicines for your dad. The doctor may prescribe some antibiotic eye drops or oculentum for your dad to apply into the eyes every day, three to four times a day. And some oral antibiotics may also be prescribed to your dad to help get rid of the eye stye. You should pay attention not let your dad overuse his eyes, instead, he needs adequate rest and good eye hygiene. Apply a warm water dag or a piece of warm towel onto each of his closed eyes for about ten minutes every day so as to help the blood circulation in his eyes. Supplement vitamins and minerals for his eyes by adding vegetables and fruits to his daily diet.
  • christian


    Usually eye stye will go away on their own after a few days. You can tell you dad that warm compressions can help ease the symptoms associated with eye stye. He can apply warm compresses for ten minutes every time. Or he can do this every time when he is washing his face. This will ease the pain and inflammation bought by eye stye. This can help speed up healing. If the condition went worse day after day, you may need to see an eye doctor for some medicines. Usually the antibiotics or steroid ointments can ease your symptoms. Hope your dad will be fine soon!

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