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Are video games bad for kids eyes?

My son is addicted into playing video games a lot. Are video games bad for kids eyes?What can I do to prevent him?
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  • carolynx66


    Dear mum, video games are bad for kids' eyes. The reflection and glare from the screens will have side effect on the development of kids' eyes. You can take your son to play in the outside. The green trees and mountains are good for kids' eyesight. And sports are also good for the development of a healthy body.
  • Alexa


    Video games are bad for kids' eyes. Since your son is addicted to video games, you must try to help him nurture a good habit for many young kids that are addicted to video games will not only impair their eyesight but also lag behind in their study. You can attract him by other sports games. You can also take your son to a library. You can help him to build new relationship with classmates and then they will play together other than playing video games all day long.