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Is too much sugar bad for your eyes?

I heard that eating too much sugar is bad for eyes and tooth. Really? Can eating too much sugar cause damage to eyes?
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  • Kelly gary


    Eating too much sweets or sugar is easy to affect vision. Eating too much sweets will increase blood sugar, which cancause damage to the eyes from two aspects. Sugar can produce acidfood, and it can neutralize the body's basic elements such as calcium, chromium, and chrome, which is one of the materials that keep eye elasticity, and maintain normalintraocular pressure. Lack of calcium, chromium, eye QiuBi elasticity will decrease, and cannot maintain normal intraocular pressure, tension. In addition, the increased blood sugar will accelerate eye lens denaturation, causing eye lens and the changes of aqueous humor osmotic pressure, diopter increases, and lead to myopia.
  • Robert Potter


    Don't take too much sugar as possible as you can. As far as I know, the acidic substances produced by sugar need alkaline matter such as calcium and magnesium to keep balance, but calcium and magnesium are the material of keeping elasticity. So the stress of your eyeballs will change if you get immoderate sugar, and your eyesight will go down due to the increasing of blood sugar. In short, my advice is to reduce the number of sugar each day and you will feel better.
  • Caleb may


    Eating too much sugar is bad for your eyes and teeth because it can cause the high blood pressure which will indirectly affect the healthy eyes' development. You should protect the eyes and the whole body health by eating more food with vitamin C. You should eat more vegetables will make your eyes get moisture. About the sugar, you should not eat too much.
  • Isabelle duncan


    Yes. your blood sugar can effect your eyes. I am diabetic and when my sugar is high the first sign is my eyes get blurry, when it goes down my vision goes back to normal.