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Why does it hurt to open my eyes in the morning?

It is so strange. My eyes feel hurt in the morning when i open my eyes. Why? What cause it?
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  • Kelley


    When you find that your eyes feel hurt in the morning when you open them, your eyes may easily get the infection because of the coming bacterium. You could use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom. You could also use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to let the eyes get moisture and comfortable.
  • califractal


    The pain in the eyes when you wake up in the morning is linked with eye dryness caused by the problem in the quality of tear that functions as the lubrication of the eyes. There are other causes of eye dryness, for example aging and environment. The oil produced by body for sealing the watery layer of eyes becomes less through the process of aging. So eye dryness occurs to older people more. Environmental factors can also contribute to the dryness of eyes. When you are in places with hot, dry or windy climates, you may feel dryness in your eyes. Since you wake up with pain eyes, the air-conditioning and cigarette smoke in your room may be the cause of the dryness and pain. Putting eye drops in your eyes before going to sleep and in the morning can help.


    Ok, that is quite simply and normal, because it is true sometimes we might get painful eyes in the morning, which is primarily due to a lack of sleep and eye strain, maybe you have been staying up late recently. So you should take care of your eyes by improving your living habits and get some eye drops. Also have healthy food on a regular basis.

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