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How to make eyes less puffy in the morning?

I often got puffy eyes in the morning. It is so strange. Anyway, what can i so to get less puffiness in the morning?
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  • Allison walker


    Well, for some people, their eyes will be puffy when they get up in the morning. And of course, that will be annoying and ugly. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can cause puffy eyes, including allergies, irritants, chemicals, depression. If your puffy eyes are caused by those reasons, you need to go and see the eye doctor. But on the other hand, according to some researches, if you drink too much water when you sleep the last night, it is also possible to have puffy eyes. At this moment, in my opinion, you should not drink too much water before sleeping. Also, having some cool teabags under your eyes will be effective too.
  • Alexandria


    There are many causes of puffy eyes. But commonly, people get puffy eyes in the morning because of drinking too much water last night before go to bed. Besides, if you lack of sleep, it is also cause puffy eyes. To some serious cases, puffy eyes can be caused by inflammation, stye, allergy and fluid retention. So, you shall treat it seriously. But if the puffy eyes are caused by eye diseases, you are likely to experience watery, burning or itchy etc. If you don't have those symptoms, you are luck. Just have a good rest, your eyes may recover. Best wishes to you!
  • Patricia


    There are several reasons for puffy eyes. First of all, some people like to drink a lot of water before going to bed, which will lead to puffy eyes owing to too much water staying under the skin below the eyes. Another reason may be that you do not have quality sleep and get turning and tossing in the bed for all night. The skins under the eyes are very thin and there are many small blood vessels which make the skins very sensitive. Therefore, you should take special care of the skins under the eyes. If possible, do not stay up at night or go to bed too late. Do not drink too much water or alclhol before bedtime. Have a glass of milk before sleeping will help you sleep better and deeper. In addition, you can use a kind of eye creams which are intended for puffy eyes. Spread the eye cream on the skin under your eyes each time before you go to bed and after you wake up. And remember to clean your face before you put the eye cream on. For further information on puffy eye cream, you can refer to the following website.
  • Jason lester


    You may suffer from puffy morning eyes. Many factors could cause puffy eyes. You need to pay attention to your sleeping position, if you sleep without pillow or something to elevate your head, the fluid would storage underneath your eyes. Using pillow when you are sleep, the gravity can avoid the storage of fluid. Lack of sleep could also cause puffy eyes. If you don't get enough sleep during the night, the veins under your eyes would dilate and makes your eyes look puffy. What you ate or drink before you went sleep is another factor which can affect your eyes. Try not to drink alcohol and eat salty foods before you go to bed. You can wash your eyes with cold water; it can help to reduce your puffy eyes.

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