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How to make eyes feel better after welding ?

My eyes feel burn after welding. What shall i do right now? Is there any way that can make me feel better?
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  • crusanov


    Well, yes, it is normal to have burning eyes after welding. And for some people, the eyes will not only feel flash burning, but also feel painful. And if your situation is not so bad, it will take two days for this feeling to disappear. But on the other hand, if your eyes feel very burning, maybe you need to have some ways to treat it. For example, you can use a thorough rinsing with cold water, and then apply it on your eyes, and that can be effective. Also, some cool cucumbers can be used too. By the way, ice is perfect too. Just have a try.
  • harris


    First of all, you can try a cold compress. You can place the cold cloth in the place where you feel burn. Let the cloth stay for about 20 min and then check whether it still hurts that much as before. Or try to use some artificial tears to flush your eyes. Don' t wear contacts until your eyes recover. However, if you can' t not stand the burn any more, you should go to the doctor to have some pain medication for relief. Before you doing any of them, you have to wash your hands with soap, otherwise you may make things worse by bringing bacteria to your eyes. Good luck to you!!!
  • walki


    First you should wash your eyes with cold water. And then, apply damp towel on your eyes, 20 minutes later change a damp towel. If your eyes still feel burn, you can use the antibiotic solution or dicaine eye ointment, which can be bought in most drugstores. If it is too serious ,you should go to see a doctor.
  • Ieff


    You need to stay in dark place or you can just close your eyes for a while to let your pupil adjust itself after welding at once. Because as we know that our pupil will be smaller when touches light. So, when we expose to a strong light from welding for a long time, our pupil will not come back to its normal size quickly. But for you now, your eyes may have been hurt, what you can do now is to have a good rest and regular eye drops can help. If things don not change, you would better go to see your doctor to find if there is permanent hurt.
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