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Trinity hill


Can I get designer glasses without a prescription?

I want glasses purely for aesthetics... can I get some with a non-prescription lens? If I order them online, will they come with glass or just frames?
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  • 04/12/2012

    if you don't wear prescription glasses , you can surely get them in any place . Whether they will come with glasses or just frames should depend on the online store's policy . Some stores only sell the frames and you can 1.50 standard lenses for free ,but if you want better lenses ,you will pay extra money .so before you buy them ,make it clear with the customer's service .
  • Andrea warren


    If you have good vision, surely, you can get designer glasses without a prescription. A pair of plano eyeglasses or non prescription glasses can satisfy you. And If you buy non prescription glasses, online is a good place to go. There are lots of nice yet cheap eyeglasses. And If you want glasses with lenses, you can order eyeglasses with non prescription lenses. Or if you just want to wear glasses frame only, you can buy eyeglasses frames only.