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Does anyone know who manufactures serengeti sunglasses?

Is there anyone knowing who makes serengeti sunglasses. What do you think of serengeti sunglasses? Are they good to buy?
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  • Erin


    About who makes the serengeti sunglasses, I am not sure. But about the using experience of serengeti sunglasses, I know clearly because I buy it last year. It is so durable which is still good after I fall down twice. And the appearance is so cool and fashion which is not outtime this year. It is worthy to buy.
  • walker_


    Hi, the official website of Serengeti sunglasses is here:, so you can find many useful introduction info there. It is a famous brand from USA. This brand of sunglass is known for its technology and style. The lenses are made in Italy with special technology to make it comfortable to the eyes. About where to buy, you can find many distributors by entering this brand name in google, here is one: You can see that It mainly depends on where you are located.

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