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Why do my eyelashes grow into my eyes?

I feel uncomfortable coz my eyelashes grow into my eyes. Why does that happen? What can I do to relieve this situation?
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  • handsome____boy


    Chances are that your eyelashes are too long so that they grow into your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable. You can blink your eyes frequently to wash out your eyelashes in the eyes. Or you can dip a cotton stick in the clean water and get the eyelashes out gently with the wet cotton stick. Do not pluck the eyelashes out or cut them, because doing so cannot change the situation, the eyelashes can grow back again; and it can make the situation worse due to the inflammation. You can go to consult your eye doctor and see if you should have a surgery which will freeze the root of the affected lash follicles, in this way, the eyelashes will not go back again.
  • crockettcastle


    It happens especially for children due to some unknown reasons. Some of them suffer it because of chronic lid inflammation or blepharitis. And the more they are plucked, the worse the condition. And till now, freezing with liquid nitrogen is the most common treatment for people with eyelashes growing into the eyes. Anyway, If you suffer it, you shall visit a doctor and get an eye examination first so as to treat your eyes in the right way.
  • Christian george


    Medically speaking, the phenomenon of eyelashes growing into eyes is called trichiasis, which refers to the eyelashes turn to grow in the direction of the inside of the eyes and touch the eyeballs. Generally speaking, trichiasis is caused by the contraction of conjunctiva cicatrix, blepharitis ciliaris, or trauma. Trachoma is a main cause one of whose symptoms is trichiasis. People who get trichiasis will feel foreign body in their eyes, photophobia, blepharospam, conjunctiva congestion, muddy cornea, or keratohelcosis. To relieve this condition, there are mainly three ways. First of all, you can use forceps to remove the eyelashes, but this is inconvenient and the new eyelashes will soon come out again. The best way is to take electrolysis of hair follicle to destroy ciliary hair follicle so as to prevent the eyelashes from growing again. If the condition of trichiasis is serious, then you had better take a corrective procedure. And if the trichiasis is caused by the optical inflammation, then you should as well get your inflammation treated, and then the trichiasis will be reduced.