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Jackson rose


Can eating disorders cause blindness?

Is it bad for eyes if i suffer eating disorders? Will it cause blindness?
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  • John


    Yes, it will. If you eat something which is allergic to your body, you may appear a lot of not good symptoms, like vomiting. However, at the sudden change of the eye pressure and blood pressure, you will get the bloodshot at the eyes. You may even cause the temporary blindness. You need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, not delaying the immediate treatment.
  • Caitlin owen


    I never heard that eating disorder can cause blindness. As far as i know, people with eating disorder, may add weight or lose weight etc. And when they eating something, they may got a vomiting. Maybe because of nutrition imbalance, people may get vision blur, dizzy and headache etc. Anyway, you shall take care of yourself.
  • Diane Rhone


    Well, it seems that you care a lot about your eye health. Anyway, sometimes we will inevitably meet some problems which could have some impacts on our eyes. But generally speaking, eating disorders would not lead to blindness, if you do not risk drinking some toxic chemicals. Anyway, a healthy diet would keep your eye health. And eating disorders have little thing to do with blindness. Just pay more attention.