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Can i wear contacts with a chalazion?

I have chalazion. Is it Ok if i wear contact lenses. Does wearing contact lenses make my chalazion more serious?
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  • Carlos


    Usually you should get the eye exam before you decide to wear the contact lenses. Only the people with healthy eyes are suitable to wear the contact lenses. You should not wear the contact lenses because you have the chalazion. Wearing the contact lenses may let your eyes get dry and get infection which will make the chalazion get serious.
  • cookie127


    Well, it seems that there are something wrong with your eyes, as a matter of fact, chalazion is a kind of disease in relation to your eyes, especially the area around your eye lip. Once get it, you will be prohibited from wearing contact lenses because this could cause great damage to your eyes. On general, you need to take some chalazion surgery and immediate medical care before things get worse. Maybe you can wear eyeglasses for visual aids.

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