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Gabriel leonard


How to make your eyes look like cat eyes?

Is there any way that can make my eyes look like cat eye? Any makeup tips?
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  • elderoo


    The cat eyes are so attractive which many people want to own them. You could wear the colored contact lenses to get this effect. You could also do the make up by using the eye shadow and eyeliner to make the cat eyes. You should go to the online stores to buy the colored contact lenses which own at the suitable price.
  • easilyfixed


    Well, it looks like you really admire the eyes of cats right? Yes indeed, their eyes are always charming and mysterious to every one. So, yes, there are some ways to may try. On the one hand, you can make up your eyes with some cosmetics, eyeliners and stuff like that. On the other hand, you can try to look for some crazy special effect contacts over the Internet, because there are so many weird and amazing cosmetic contacts on offer. You can have a look at Alibaba and eBay, both of which are preferable.
  • Hunter jackson


    Of course, there is a way to make your eyes look like cats' eyes. There are so many color contact lenses nowadays. According to me, green and purple contact lenses can meet your requirement. Wearing green contact lenses could make your eyes look like cats' eyes and purple contact lenses make you look very mysterious, the same feeling about cats. Have a try and you will love it! Plus, grey color seems fantastic too!

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