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Can pregnancy cause poor eyesight?

I know that pregnancy can affect eyesight. But Can pregnancy cause poor eyesight?
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  • Nat


    Yes, the pregnancy will cause the poor eyesight. When you get pregnant, your inner body excretion will be affected, not like the normal pace. The pregnant people will feel dry at the eyes. The eyesight may be affected too. Thus, they need to take care of the healthy problems which should start from the healthy life habits.
  • gerard


    Nope, it could not cause poor eyesight, but there do have a connection between pregnancy and poor eyesight. There are changes of hormones, fluid retention and blood circulation to affect eyesight during the pregnancy period. As we all known, it is common for pregnant women to deficiency of various vitamins and nutrients quicker than others. On the other side, it is a known fact that poor sight is because of a vitamin A deficiency. Hence, the eyesight would become poor if the vitamin A could not be supplied promptly during the pregnancy.
  • emale2222


    Well, in the first place I have to congratulate you on having a baby. Anyway, being pregnancy is quite complicated which requires a lot of care. So, according to a lot of cases, some people would suffer a decrease in vision, but it is not necessarily so. It is based on individual situation and health conditions. However, a lot of mothers would have diabetes which could lead to a decrease in vision. Anyway, you should pay more attention and go through medical exams from time to time.