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How to make your eyes look like doll eyes ?

I want to make my eyes look like doll's. Any suggestion? Thanks.
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  • Alexandria taylor


    In order to make your eyes look like dolls, you could choose a type of colored contact lenses to wear. Choosing the color that you have a favor on, you will look big and moisture at the eyes. Then you could use the eye shadow to make up the eyes to make them look more like the doll's. This could be easy.


    Oh, according to your description, you really wish to have a pair of eyes as large and attractive as dolls. So, as far as I know, there are simply no natural ways to achieve this goal, therefore, you have to resort to eye makeups and what we call, crazy special contact lenses, there are loads and loads of them from which to choose, which could give you any effect you wish to have. You can visit Amazon or Alibaba for options.
  • copyofme


    Yes, you could consider the color contact lenses. Now there are many sizes, colors and patterns of color contact lenses. You can choose the color which is similar to your pupil, it will look more natural. Choose bigger diameter to make your eyes bigger and shinning. It makes pupil much bigger just as a doll. Hope this suggestion helps.

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