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Can you get pink eye from farting on a pillow?

Oh, I just farted on the pillow. Now my brother is sleeping on this pillow. I can't tell mum the truth, because I heard that farting on a pillow will cause pink eye. Does it make sense? Need I wash the pillow immediately?
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    Dear kid, you are so lovely. I can tell you that farting on pillows will not cause pink eye. So don't worry. But I think you should not take the pillow as the cushion. You'd better change this bad habit and take care of the hygiene in your daily life, or it will cause many infections.
  • jill


    No, you brother will not get pink eyes. The gases that come from our farts are methane which will not cause pink eye. Usually pink eye is caused by poor hygiene. You may get pink eye by not washing your hands and face. If you don't wash your face often, the bacteria that your faces intake throughout the daily course could build up and turn into pink eye.