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Sara scott


Why do brown eyes see better in the sun than blue ?

My friend said that people with brown eyes can see better in the sun than people with blur eyes. Is this true? Why?
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  • Ieff


    Actually the color of the eyes will not cause the difference in vision. That is to say, what your friend says is doubtful. The color of the eyes is determined by the genetic genes which will not change easily. Once it has changed, you may have the problems at the body health which you need to pay attention to. You'd better protect the eyes carefully.
  • Vanessa george


    The colors of eyes do have a certain relation with the vision, but not in a decisive way. The eye color depends on the color of the iris, and different colors possess different degrees of ability to absorb the light rays as well as the different amount of energy contained in the light rays. Generally speaking, the deeper the eye color is, the more light and energy the eyes can absorb. Therefore, people with black eyes have the best ability to screen off and adjust the light rays, while people with blue eyes are worse at it, thus blue-eye people has higher rate of getting cataracts than black-eye people do. Therefore, to some extent, people with brown eyes can see better in the sun than people with blue eyes.