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Can you help me to put cosmetic contact lenses in my eyes?

I never wear any contact lenses before. Now, i want to buy some cosmetic contact lenses to change my eye color for looks. But i am so nervous about putting something in my eyes. Can you help me?
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  • Jason


    Wearing cosmetic contact lenses is the same as you wearing regular contact lenses. It is easier than you think. First of all, you shall wash your hands. Then let one cosmetic contact lens on your forefinger. Then, use the other hands that raise the upper eyelid and pull the button eyelids on one of your eyes. Then, gently put the lens into your eyes. And keep eye open for a while. Then repeat this for the other eyes.
  • Anita


    To be frankly, you can wear colored contact lenses in a way you wear regular contact lenses. You just use your finger or the tool in the double-boxes to put them in your eyes. And they will not make you feel uncomfortable when you wear them if there's nothing on them or your eyes. So, please don’t be nervous. But what I want to tip you is that please make sure the cosmetic contact lenses are in high quality and keep them clean when you do not wear them. At last, please do not wear colored contacts more than 12 hours a day or they may make your eyes diseased.

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