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Savannah taylor


What should I take if I go to have an eye test?

I am going to have an eye exam next saturday, but I don't know what I should take with me for the eye test. Can anyone who has experienced this tell me ?
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  • Samuel hill


    If you are still using your current glasses, you should take with you your current eyeglasses, your old prescription and the names of madicine that you are taking for your eye problems when you go to your eye doctor to have an eye test.
  • Isabel cook


    If it's the first time to have an eye exam, you don't have to take anything with you except the money. If you have current glasses, you should take them with you and your old prescription as well.
  • california_lovv


    You should take your old prescription with you if already have it so that you can know if your vision is getting worse. If you currently wear corrective lenses, bring all pairs of eyeglasses you wear regulary. If you wear contacts that were prescribed elsewhere, bring a copy of your most recent contact lens prescription.
  • Isabel fergus


    Bring a list of any prescription or non-prescription medications you are currently taking or that you took on a regular basis in the past. Include vitamins, herbs and other non-traditional remedies you may use. Include the dosages you take for each medicine or other substance, and how long you have been taking them. Also, be sure to bring a copy of your vision insurance card and any other medical insurance cards you have if you are seeking insurance coverage for a portion of your fees. Finally, prepare and bring a list of questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with the doctor. And if you are interested in specialty services such as contact lens fitting or laser surgery evaluation, be sure to mention this — both when you schedule your exam and when you check in on exam day.

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