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Allison walker


Is it okay to pop an eye stye?

The eye stye on my eyelids are really boring. Can i pop it? Or it is easy to cause eye infection?
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  • Nat


    Of course, you should not pop eye stye, or it will just make your eyes infected easily. Eye stye can be kind of common, which is inflammation of the eyelid, usually inside one of the small glands lining the eyelid. For most styes are caused by infection from bacteria, it is very dangerous for you to pop them. In that way, it will just make your situation more serious. What is more, eye infection can be possible too. So avoid touching your eyes with fingers. For your situation, heating a piece of garlic can just do a help to eye styes. For example, you can just put heated garlic on stye and hold until garlic cools. And then just repeat the process for a while. By the way, burning eyes will be the symptom. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Kelly gary


    Eye styes are caused by cross infection. Internal stye occurs on the eyelid and may disappear one the infection is gone. Many causes can lead to the infection, such as eye diseases and eyelid hygiene. Don't squeeze or pop the stye it will make things worse. You can make a worm compress and put it on your eyelid for 5 minutes.
  • Jessica


    Yes, you could pop the eye stye on the eyelids which are so boring. However you need to do the process of disinfection. You could do the heating to kill the bacterium to avoid the eye infection. You should also protect the eyes carefully after the pop out of the eye stye. You could use the warm compress to protect your eyes. It is very helpful and effective.