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How can I Make my Contact Lenses Last Longer?

Is there any way I can extend the life of my contact lenses?
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  • charming_qtee


    Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before handling contact lenses or before touching your eyes. Never use plain water directly on contact lenses water contains micro-organisms and other minerals, these particles will impact the function of contact lenses and will surely cause your eye infection. Don't put contact lenses in your mouth to "rinse" them. If you develop any eye irritation, remove your contact lenses and discontinue use until you talk with your eye doctor.
  • Tyler charles


    To have a good contact lens care, one of the most important thing we must remember is to wash and dry our hands before handling any contact lens. Use the contact lens care products as prescribed by eye care professionals, and we must bear in mind to consult with the eye doctor when we change for another contact lens care products, like the contact lens cleaner. To be sure to clean the contact lenses when we remove them, clean the lens case after each use and discard contact lens cleaner solution after each time of use.
  • Alexander green


    To make your contact lenses last longer, you must be careful when touching your lenses. Do not make them scratched by your fingernails. And you must clean them every day to remove protein. Don't cry with your contact lenses in ypur eyes.