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maria calderin


Can presbyopia be cured by surgery?

I just wonder whether presbyopia can be cured by surgery or not. Do you know?
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  • Jackson


    Yes. Laser eye surgery can be used to treat presbyopia. There are two main kinds of laser treatment for presbyopia. One is LAIK surgery and the other one is Laser Blended Vision. If you want to cure your presbyopia by surgery, you should consult your doctor.
  • Susie Washington


    Presbyopia is a normal phenomenon of Physiological degeneration. Everyone will get presbyopia when they get old and have difficult reading or focusing on near objects. So presbyopia can't be treated by surgery, but people can wear reading glasses to help them see better.
  • walkingrain


    Currently there is no way to cure presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural procedure of aging and people would have difficulty in reading or other close work. reading glasses can help relieve the problem.

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