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What causes blurred vision in the morning ?

I got blurred vision in the morning. It is so strange. I have clear vision last night. Why i get blurred vision after a sleep during night?
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  • Savannah


    The blurred vision after a sleep during night may be caused by the eyes infection because of the invisible bacterium. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to clear the eyes. At the same time, the warm compress is also good for your eyes which will make your eyes become comfortable and moisture. You could try the warm compress.
  • characterposter


    There are two possible causes for your problems. One is that you had pressed your eyes during sleeping. When there is a pressure to the eyeballs, the blood vessels around them are pressed and blocked. Less blood can be supplied to your eyes. As a result of poor blood circulation, you get blurred vision next morning. The other is that you may be suffering from dry eyes. If you also have other symptoms like redness, sting, itchiness, and eye discharge, you must have got dry eye syndrome.
  • Shelby


    Well, there are so many reasons can cause this problem. In most cases, it can be from medical or your own eyes. Medical problems including low blood pressure, irregular heart beat. If is your eyes problem, then there are so many reasons. If you feel dry eyes, painful, itch, or your eyes look red, then your eyes may catch eye diseases, such as pink eye. If you feel nothing wrong with your eyes, then you may be myopia. Since the reason is so complicated, so I suggest go to see the doctor.