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What are the long term alcohol effects on eyes?

I like to drink 3-6+ cans of beer at a time, will it have long term effects on my eyes?
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  • clur_08


    As we all know, long term alcohol can do harm to our body, especially the liver. If it is serious, it can cause cancer. However, long term alcohol can also have effects on eyes. When your liver is affected by long term alcohol, you will notice the whites of your eyes turn yellow, too, which is a sign of liver disease caused by alcohol. Besides, drinking too much alcohol will affect the blood vessels, thus lead to bloodshot in your eyes.
  • evet


    As we know, drinking can lead to all sorts of problems like memory loss, or unacceptable behaviour etc. In fact, long term, alcohol effects are very serious indeed. It may cause lead to problems with high blood pressure, can cause serious heart disease, liver problems etc. As for eyes, long term alcohol will make the blood vessels in your eyes break, leading to bloodshot eyes. Besides, long term alcohol lead liver problems that make the whites of the eyes can also take on a yellowish color too.

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