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How does alcohol affect eye health?

I have heard that drinking too much can cause harm on eyes. How does alcohol affect eye health?
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  • walker_


    Drinking alcohol excessively can affect eye health. Drinking heavily will affect brain function, thus people who drink heavily may have delayed reactions, which is very dangerous while driving. They also get blurred vision or double vision because their eye muscles are weakened in coordination. Drinking alcohol can also decrease your peripheral vision. So drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol because drink alcohol excessively will affect them to drive safely.
  • cristti


    Though slight drinking alcohol won't harm to eyes, excessive alcohol are harmful not just for our body but also our eyes. Drinking too much alcohol can alter contrast sensitivity. That is why drivers shall not drinking. Besides, alcohol are contribute to amblyopia. People who drink too much can develop optic neuropathy. Again, you are likely to develop a painless loss of vision, decreased peripheral vision or reduced color vision. What's more, too much Alcohol in long term can causes the blood vessels in your eyes to expand and cause bloodshot in your eyes.
  • hand_in__hand


    Alcohol is the No. 1 archenemy. People's face will turn to red , and temperature get higher after drinking. That's because alcohol promotes blood circulate. Skin around eyes is very soft and tender, the vessel is very week, if you have too much drink, and the blood capilary will be broken. so don't drink too much for your health,.