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What computer background color is best for eyes ?

I know that work long time with computer is bad to eyes. But proper color and light sitting of computer background can help the eyes. Do you know what are the best computer background color for eyes? Any idea?
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  • walkintothewall


    Gentle green may be the best computer background color for eyes. You can set the background color of file and doc windows as: hue 85, sat 90 and lum 205. The background color of the IE can also be changed according to the setting mentioned above. After doing this, you can get the comfortable color that benefits your eyes. What is the best background color also varied from person to person. After all, the background color must make your eyes feel relaxed. There are other tips for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. You should blink more while you are using a computer. Frequent breaks are also good for your eye health.
  • chicomm


    Scientifically, the dark green color of background of computer is best for the eyes, releasing the tiredness of eyes. I have tried it already. And my eyes feel more comfortable than before. It is really a good choice. You could set up the color choice and make your eyes feel comfortable when looking at the computer. You could also adjust the strength of light to make you see clearly and comfortable.

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