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Do regular eye drops at least make you eyes a little brighter?

I heard that something can make our eyes brighter. But I don't want to try other things because I am afraid of any side effects. I have black eyes. And I do regular eye drops. Will this make my eyes a little brighter?
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  • Melanie smith


    Regular eye drops can't make your eyes look lighter. They can help moisten your eyes. They just work as your tear. If you want to change the color of your eyes, you can try some local honey. I heard it works. But it will take a long time to achieve the result. Good luck!
  • luis


    No, they can’t. There aren't any magic ingredients in eye drops. They just work as our tears do. We can use them to lubricate our eyes when we feel dryness in our eyes after playing computer games for a long time. Why do you need to do regular eye drops? Is there any problem with your eyes? I heard that the people who suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome need to apply artificial tears from time to time. Dude, I suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately if you often suffer from dry eyes. Good luck!
  • Angela


    I haven't heard that any eye drops can do that. Maybe there isn't that kind of eye drops. Don't trust lemon juice or honey. There are acid in them. You may hurt your eyes. The color of our eyes will change slowly as we age. You don't need to seek other ways to change it. But you can wear a pair of colored contacts. This can help change the color of your eyes. But they may not fit you because you do regular eye drops which means you often suffer from dry eyes. Contacts will lead to dry eyes so they will make the situation even worse.