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Andrew bell


Should sunglasses have uv and uvb protection ?

I want to shield my eyes from UV and UVB rays. Can i get it from sunglasses?
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  • Melissa


    You can definitely get UV and UVB protection from sunglasses. Sunglasses are designed to protect the wearers from intense visible light, bright sunlight. What is more important, they also function to block Ultraviolet radiation (UV) and ultraviolet B-rays (UVB) that pose great threat to eye health. Some sunglasses even have ability to reflect or filter out 99-100% of UV and UVB. Sunglasses like this are labeled as "UV400".So if you need highly efficient protection, you can pay attention to the labels when you are choosing sunglasses. The sunglasses also provide comfort to your eyes when you are exposed to bright environment by blocking glare. There are many sunglasses manufacturers such as Oakley, Costa Del Mar and Polaroid Eyewear. Here are their official websites, and I hope you can find what you want: ;;
  • copyofme


    Ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays are both harmful to the eyes of human beings, therefore, it is very important for people to wear sunglasses in a sunny when they are in the open. Generally speaking, the normal sunglasses are often ultraviolet rays proofed, and you can choose a pair of quality sunglasses with one hundred percent UV-proofed, that is, the UV400 sunglasses. The best lenses for sunglasses are the polarized lens, and the best color for sunglasses are dark brown and deep green. And there is another thing you should pay special attention to, that is, the luminance of the environment. For example, if the luminance is dim and dark, wearing sunglasses will on the contrary do harm to your eyes. In general, in the standard glasses shop there will be specialized instrument for you to detect the capacity of the sunglasses to screen the ultraviolet. Therefore, you had better go to a standard glass shop to choose one pair. You can also refer to the following website for further information about the sunglasses.
  • Andrea


    Yes, of course. Sunglasses is not only for beauty, but also for health. Sunglasses can prevent our eyes from UV, UVB rays and other harmful rays. When you participated in outdoors, you had better wear sunglasses, otherwise you may get photokeratitis. It is an inflammation of the cornea caused by UV radiation. And this may cause your eyes tearing, red eyes even cataract. So it is important to wear sunglasses when you go out door.

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