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Is ipad bad for baby eyes ?

Is it Ok to use Ipad when i stay with my baby? Or the Ipad screen can cause damages to baby eyes?
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  • edward


    If I were you, I would not do this. Children have vulnerable and growing eyes. As we all know, watching TV too much makes children nearsighted. So does Ipad. Focusing on the screen for too long can make their eyes tired and dry, which results in myopia or even astigmatism. What's worse, you baby may be too young to understand what an Ipad is and what he or she is doing on it. If you want to educate him or her with ipad, you surely can use a substitute like real toys or paintings.
  • Allison


    Well, in my opinion, you should take ipad away from your baby, or it can just have some harm to his eyes. Generally speaking, as we know that baby has a sensitive and fragile eye. And if he looks at the ipad screen for long time, it will hurt his eyes, leading to serious eye problems. Also, the uv rays refreshed from ipad screen can be harmful too. So just be careful about it.
  • May Yong


    Well, you are not advised to use ipad with your bady, as the colorful images will capture the full attention of the baby and your inattention to them will hurt their feelings. As boys will be boys, they do not have self-control. The inproper distance and the strong radiation will influence their body and brain growth. Besides, when they are focus on ipad, they will become passive and quiet. According to the recent studies, insufficient stimulation and passivity cause serious problems to them blocking their curiousness to other things in daily life. Babies are attractive to the screens because they move and need less attention providing a decreased sensory environment. Then a little soreness occur, which will progress to dry eyes or even headaches. By the way, take a 15 minute break every hour.
  • Ethan


    Frankly speaking, screens of any kind are bad for a baby's eyes. Too much time on the ipad can cause the baby's eyes to atrophy. This is because that the first three years of life are extra super-duper crucial to your child's development. Born with approximately 2,500 synapses in the brain, babies typically grow about 12,500 more by age 3. Don't fuck up that process by depriving your child of sunlight and stimulation.Another negative effect of letting your baby zone out on the iPad while you're jerking off in the other room is that most apps for kids under 2 ask for 'passive attention.' They are simply watched, requiring little to no interaction on your child's part. You're training it to be one of the dudes from They Live! Half the time your toddler is watching television, it doesn't even know what the fuck is going on. Studies have shown that most kids under the age of two don't even know where to look on the screen, but are just gazing in hypnotic awe at all the flashing images and rapid changes.