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Why is red light better for night vision?

What light is good for night vision? Can red light help night vision, or it is bad for eyes?
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  • Collin Wallace


    Light is be used for night vision at every corner in our daily life. Every kind of light have a great help for our night vision. Such as red light is the best choice for dinner because red light can makes food looks more delicious. And yellow light is the best choice for reading. But consider of health, especially eye health, compare with other color light, red light should be the best choice for night vision because our eyes are less sensitive to red light than other color light.
  • walkinalone


    Traditionally, people think that using red light can help preserve night vision. They believed that red light only slowly depletes the eye's rhodopsin stores in the rods and instead is viewed by the cones. Still some people believed that red light can make the pupils dilated to help people see well in a low light condition. But till now, i didn't find any scientific evidence and proved that red light is better for night vision. So, You'd better not try it.
  • Daniel


    Sure, red or green colored lenses would definitely have better visual functions than other colors, this is primarily resulted from the length of ray in different colors, and red is the longest one. And that is why the sun turns red during dawn time. Also, almost all monitors are made of red lenses so that night activities could be detected as usual.