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Angelica giles


What color light is best for night vision?

Can you tell me what are the best color light for my night vision? Is it help to my eyes?
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  • chokeyourthroat


    Some reports said that red color be considered as the best color light for night vision. For most people choose the light for night vision, comfortable and healthy are the most important consideration. As our eyes have a very low dark sensitivity at red light, we will feel very well under red light instead of other color light. And experts found that red light damages our body less than the other color light.
  • walkingfetus


    Actually the night vision will be weaker than the day's vision. If you want to read the book in the room at night, the filament lamp could be useful. If you want to see outside, the green or red color will be suitable for you because they are sensitive which could let you see clearly. You should eat more food with vitamin A which will be good for your night vision.

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