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Randa Fritch


Are black sclera contacts bad for your eyes?

Can i wear black sclera contact lenses for look? Or it will hurt my eyes?
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  • Kevin percy


    It is a new product that suprises me. I don't know why you dare wear it. It makes human eyes look like animal eyes or vampire eyes. The sclera contact lenses would block eyes from the oxygen which would make you feel horrible if you wear it any longer than a few minutes. So far this kind of lens is made to meet the requirement of movies. In daily life there are very rare. And as you know, the technology of contact lenses develops decades to be safe and mature. You'd better not try the sclera contact lenses now. After all, eyes are too delicate. Once the damages formed, it might be permanent. I don't think it is worthy trying now.
  • Audrey


    In our daily life, more and more people would like to wear black sclera contact lenses. Black sclera contact lenses will make us more lovely in some certain, and we will be able to see as clearly as with naked eyes. However, we should notice the disadvantages of it, in my point of view, we'd better not wear black sclera contact lenses for long time, or it will cause our eyes dry. We should go to the professional sclera contact lenses stores to find or buy black sclera contact lenses if you really want to. And you could search the pretty black sclera contact lenses at online stores, such as the eBay, alibaba and so on. By the way, you could consult your doctor whether it's suitable for you or not, and then you make a decision if you wear black sclera contact lenses. Good luck.
  • c_wilde


    For the sake of your eyes, people shall see an eye care specialist for prescription before buying contact lenses. Buying contact lenses over- the-counter is likely damages eyes no matter the lenses for cosmetic or vision aids. If the lenses do not fit for your eyes properly, it even cause permanent damages. And i also noticed that people say that Sclera lenses can't be worn more than a few minutes usually because it can block almost all oxygen from getting to your eyes. So, you'd better not wear it.