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What are the best sunglasses for big ears?

I have a pair of big ears. Will you give me some suggestion to choose good-looking sunglasses? What types of sunglasses will fit for me ?
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  • Sybil


    As you are a person with big ears, the first suggestion for you is to buy sunglasses with mega brand. Then all the people around you will pay attention to the sunglasses itself other than your big ears. The second suggestion is to buy glasses that without exquisite frame and too exaggerative decorations. If not, people will find it is strange the exaggerative combination of the decorations and the big ears. The last suggestion is to find a products who's color is near to your skin, as a result, people will find the sunglasses are so harmonious with your skin as well as the ears, no body will feel strange and discordant of the sunglasses and your appearance especially the ears. Hope your find your favorite sunglasses.
  • Savannah


    In fact, there is no much connection between big ears and sunglasses. It mostly depend on your hair style. If you leave some hair at each side, it will cover or at least create a look with small ears. And choosing sunglasses mostly depend on your face shape and personalities. And in common, most of people will get a cool look with big sunglasses with wide framed. Hope this can help you.
  • crush_star


    It is not a problem, because we have got hundreds of types of sunglasses available on the market now. According to my experience, a pair of big nerd sunglasses are suitable for you because in that way, your ears appear to be less prominent. And of course nerd sunglasses themselves are of great looks. Just try to get some from the internet.
  • Patricia


    If you have the big ears, you could choose the big frame sunglasses which are popular this year. From the look, the big frame sunglasses are so cool. If you want to buy the pair of sunglasses to match with all kinds of clothing, you could choose the white or black color. If you want to look different, you could choose the red color which will make you look outstanding.