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Are aviator sunglasses suitable for asian faces?

I have a asian looking face. Can i wear aviator sunglasses? Will the sunglasses compliment me?
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  • cmg6891


    Ok, it seems that you just want to get a pair of aviator sunglasses which is pretty cool, especially for males. So, it is true that those aviator sunglasses are of great use , but you should make sure that you are compatible with those sunglasses, otherwise, you could look even more awful. Generally speaking, they are good for long faces and mature handsome. Just try them on in the shop before closing the deal ok?
  • Carlos rodney


    You know the aviator sunglasses is the other name of forever fashion and cool feeling. No matter you are in asian or western looking face, it is the best decoration tool for the young man to purchase the cooling appearance. The mega brand will be the best effect. Ever remember the time when aviator sunglasses were fancy because of Tom Cruise and Top Gun? It will suit the modest and wisdom man at most! If you have a handsome appearance, and the wonderful face shape, why not go ahead to have a try?
  • Nancy


    It depends on your face shape and personality. Personally, some asian men look really cool with aviator sunglasses, while most of women not look good with it. Usually, pradas, wraparound sunglasses are look perfect for women with a asians face. For men with asians look, they may look cool in mirrored coating sunglasses and black rayban sunglasses. So, to get look look, just try different sunglasses, hope you can find the best compliment sunglasses soon.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Yes, the aviator sunglasses will be suitable for you who have the asian looking face. It will compliment you. You could try to wear it. The aviator sunglasses are cool at the appearance. In addition, the aviator sunglasses will be good at the quality which will make you wear for many years. You could go to the real store to choose the suitable type.
  • Rebecca


    Frankly speaking, aviator sunglasses are suitable for almost each kind of face, because they have different size. Most men like RayBan aviator sunglasses because of its famous brand and well designed and comfortable wear. Moreover, you can buy this kind of pair at online shop or you can try them on at your local eyeglasses store first then to decide whether you buy it or not.
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