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Can seasonal allergies cause blurry vision ?

I got seasonal allergy in recent days. But also, i suffered from blurry vision now and then. Is blurry vision caused by seasonal allergy?
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  • walkinginlight


    I have to say the two symptoms are independent. Seasonal allergy can induce discomfort. However, blurry vision is caused by the degeneration of vitreous body in your eyes. According to Chinesse doctors, it is a kind of disease caused by the lesion of gallbladder, liver and kidney, which an be relieved by drugs such as donkey-hide gelatin and also diet like chrysanthemum tea. Whatever you have to intake something to enrich blood to breed your viscera better. As your allergy may make you feel more uncomfortable, you can use some anti-allergy eye drops. Hope that will help.
  • Zoe


    There is no doubt that all allergies can do harmful to eyes. Allergies always cause some infections included eye infection. So seasonal allergy does. Seasonal allergy is worse than normal allergy. Eye infection may occur and it is also one under lying of eye problems. Allergy is commonly due to bacteria and virus, cat, dust, even injury to eyes. Pain, redness, irritation and itchy may also occur at the same time. And all these signs are a sigh of blurry vision. Do not ignore it, or further disorders of eyes may develop.


    Yes, your blurry vision may be caused by seasonal allergy. The seasonal allergy may cause you to get dryness of the eyes. Your eyes may get red. The more serious problem is that you get the blurry vision. You need to have the good rest for the eyes. Then you could also use the warm compress to release the symptom.